About Gudel Sumer

Who is Gudel


The Güdel Group is a manufacturer of high-precision machine components and a supplier of sophisticated automation solutions. The company’s product range encompasses linear tracks, racks, pinions, transmission systems, linear modules and gantry robots. Güdel selects the appropriate products to create complete systems with intelligent control capability for use in the following industries: automotive, tire, metal, railways, intralogistics, pharmaceuticals, wood, renewable energies, aerospace and aeronautics. Güdel technology is a byword for innovation, quality and modularity.

High Precision Gearboxes for all industrial fields and is renowned for the quality of its products with standard backlash, low backlash and zero backlash.





Guideway systems for medium duty applications are based on standardized guideway rollers and vee bars. The systems are especially suitable for applications requiring high velocities, low friction, exact positioning and quiet operation.

Güdel products are manufactured for the use in industries of Aeronautics, Armament, Printing, Special Machines, Nuclear, Robotics, Space Craft, Vacum and Petro chemistry.

Güdel is using high tech software for calculations that sopports Quick and simple dimensioning for applications and Modern approach to clients needs. Solutions adapted to requests respecting quality with Standard delivery time  and prices adapted to urgent needs.

Thanks to over 60 years experience in manufacturing, Güdel is skilled in different methods of production, treatments and finishes. The materials and lubricants are determined according to the field of application, customer’s requirements and required performance. Güdel imposes its ranges of machining and controls.