About Joyce

Who is Joyce 

Welcome to Joyce/Dayton Corp., the leading manufacturer of Jacks, Actuators, and Lifting Systems in North America. Joyce/Dayton has been building lifting equipment since 1873.  We are known in the industry by the high standard we set on product quality, customer service and by our skillful customization of products to meet customer specifications. We serve satisfied customers on all seven continents

Machine screw jacks and ball screw jacks in a variety of capacities and configurations are manufactured at our plant in Portland, Indiana, USA. Manual and motorized jacks are available in both english and metric designs. Stainless steel jacks may be selected to meet harsh environments and for low temperature applications.

Among our four lines of integrated actuators, Electric cylinders and integrated actuators provide the greatest  load-carrying capacity, and bevel gear jacks and bevel ball actuators with ratios as low as 1.5:1 provide fast travel speeds with load capacities up to 100-tons.

At Joyce/Dayton Corp. we offer more than the quality products we build. We offer unmatched technical support and excellent customer service. It is our pleasure to serve our customers.

“Working with Joyce was the easiest part of the project.” – Tony Holt, Jesse Engineering

“Joyce is the first name we think of whenever our customer need a custom lifting solution.” – Robert Ross, Trans-Quip

“We considered alternative systems but chose Joyce because of their willingness to respond quickly and effectively.” – Robert C. Clark, Mechanical Engineer, Monogravity Science Division